Face Age Calculator

Free online facial age detection. All you need is a photo, and the face age calculator can estimate your age. Everyone's face age and actual age will have some gaps, come and test how old I am. The photos you upload are only used for age detection and will not be used for other purposes. The photos will be automatically deleted after the test is completed, so you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage.

Here are some tips for you

Why some people look younger than their actual age?

Even people of the same age may look very different in facial age. Facial age has a lot to do with genetics, and secondly, it has a lot to do with lifestyle habits, skin conditions, and life stress.

How to make yourself look younger?

We cannot control the genetic factors. But we can keep our skin in good condition by exercising regularly, using skin care products, reducing staying up late, drinking less alcohol, and not smoking, so that we can look younger than our actual age.

How to test how old I am?

We used millions of photos to train the facial age prediction model (to detect how old do I look) under the premise of complying with privacy regulations. At present, the prediction accuracy of this model is very high, and it can objectively evaluate the age of your face.